Bookstore solution

What is bookstore solution?

The bookstore solution is an online sulotin for anyone who sells books. In this software you can register invoices, purchases and also you could have an online shop.
With this software you do not need any other cashier solution

Main features

  • It is really flexible and can be just be tailored to your needs
  • Each book could have 7 variaion-stock
  • You could control the whole proccess of purchase, sales and change in variation prices
  • There a robust search engine in the system for online user and staffs
  • Many kind of permissions and access levels could be defined in the system for staffs


Ketabe Damavand logo

Ketabe Damavand is a bookstore in Tehran and also has online channels for introduce and sell books.
The is started in 2021 and now it has more than 30,000 products with about 3,000 clients and 10 staff.

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Iran computer museum logo

Computer museum is the first Itan computer museum and the website has Exhibition, Timeline, Science Tour and Oral History project. In the backend the website support a standard system of archival items record keeping.

Website ↗


Rahim Aghareb (1979) Python/Django developer
I develop small size websites with Python and Django in back-end and enhance them with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript in front-end. Then I publish them on Linux VPS.

Some of the projects:

  • (2021): A mini online shop now change to this site (as developer)
  • (2019-2021): An Online marketplace for interior products (as project manager)
  • (2017-2019): cooking weblog (as content manager and photographer)
  • (2016-2017) One of the biggest chain confectionery in Iran (as project manager)
  • (2017-2018): A platform for disabled job seekers (as project manager)
  • (2019): Company website (as developer)
  • (2019): A website for hand-made leather products (as developer)
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Voluntary Jobs:

Django Girls

Django Girls is a non-profit organization to help people to organize free, one-day programming workshop.
I was responsible for the first Django Girls workshop in Tehran Django girls Tehran(2018)
Now responsible for Farsi translation of Django Girls tutorial