Bookstore solution

What is bookstore solution

What is it

The bookstore solution is software for managing a bookstore with its all transaction.
It consist of these modules:

  • Sales
  • Orders
  • Purchases
  • Products
  • Online shop
  • warehouses
  • Reports

Who need it

Everyone who want to manage a bookstore online or offline need a software to manage sales and purchase and product workflow

staff menus screenshot Bookstore solution has a powerfull two-sided staff tabs to manage the system

How it works

It has these parts:

And also
  • Online bookshop
  • Blog

What is the main features

There are a lot of features in this software in comparison with other bookstre management software
These are some of the main features:

  • Staff can add draft invoice
  • Staff can add make a payment link
  • there are 7 sales channels
  • Staff can control both the online and in bookstore invoices at the same place
  • invoice could be pay by cash, bank gateway or by clients credit
  • shipping method could be change when the invoice is approved
  • Other prosucts than books also could be added to invoice
  • Print formatted invoice on Thermo printers or A4 size
Orders management
  • Order is categorized nased on their channels
  • Orders have a shipping workflow with bike delivery, post or pickup from bookstore
  • There is a workflow for collecting onlie orders from the bookstore and make records in the database
  • There is a powerfull search in orders based on product name, client, channel and order number
  • Orders can be changed to draft to change the details
Purchases management
  • Purchases are added to database after approve proccess
  • The purchase proccess could manage the 7 variations of prices that each single book could have
  • There are a list of vendors to register a purchase
staff menus screenshot
Products management
  • Every single book have more than 50 different data details like as ISBN, author, page number, wieght, published year and more
  • Products could have more than 10 pictures
  • Each product has a Main price and stock and 5 other price and stock for New variation and a price and stock for Used variation
  • the history of any changes are kept for products
  • Product could be placed in Product List to use for some purposes
Warehouses management
  • Product workflow which shows any actions that happened on a book
  • Daily report of sold products and current stock of their variation
  • Inventory review proccess
  • Finding any contradictions between shelves and database
  • Refund workflow both from client or to the vendor
  • Add and remove clients
  • See the history of clients orders
  • Manage clients credit
report menus screenshot of bookstore software A powerfull filtering system for reports
  • There are a lot of slaes and purchase reports
  • Sales by day
  • All orders
  • Sales by week/channel/variation
  • Export reports to excel
online shop screenshot of bookstore software ketabe damavand
Online bookshop
  • Search and filter products
  • Add them to the cart
  • Inform me button for unavailable products
  • Login/Logout/reset password and manage addresses and user information in the profile
  • Pay the order online or offline
  • Add the book request if the product is unavailable in the databse
  • A list of all posts in one page
  • The ability to filter posts

Wahit is the price

The price is based on which features are needed for the project The package could be Full with all features or could be on basic features. The full customization is also avaialbe.

# Modules Full Basic Customized
1 sales

For details please contact me Customization details

1 Orders
1 Purchases
1 Products
1 Client
1 Credit system ×
1 Warehouses
1 Reports
1 Refund system ×
1 Online shop ×
1 Weblog ×
1 Ticket system ×
1 Email/SMS comunication system ×

Don't hesitate to contact me for consulting or to know the price details. Prices and other details